4 Adventurous Things to See in Serbia in 2021

It is located in Europe and contains a part of Balkan Peninsula. Serbia is filled with mountains, hills, and spacious plains with more than 15 peaks (above 2000m). This region also includes 5 national parks, beautiful greenery, and various adventurous gateways. Locals are really hospitable and welcome visitors with full enthusiasm. Honestly speaking, Serbia is a wonderful destination for tourists and you can explore this region in any time of year. The best time to explore Serbia is summer because of the plenty of adventurous activities and things. Due to its historical and geological value, people love to visit Serbia again and again. Travelling will become more comfortable and economical when you take benefit of Emirates promotional code. So, what are you looking for? Click and collect this promotion from coupon.ae which is a coupon-based website. Feeling excited? Here are some of the breathtaking and adventurous things to do and see in Serbia.

Belgrade City Zoo:

This zoo is a perfect place for kids and adults too. It is a great zoo for locals as well as visitors. It features plenty of wildlife including different animal species. From lions to monkeys, tigers, deer, and more, it is a complete zoo for everyone. It consists of 14 hectares and one of the biggest tourist attractions for children. Visit this place with your family and make your stay little exciting and adventurous. What’s stopping your from visiting Serbia?

Visit Viminacijum:

It was a most loved place of Roman emperors and situated in the hub of Serbia. If you are interested in the past of Serbia, then this place should be in your bucket list. It holds plenty of monuments and places that are enough to make your visit little amazing. The major reason to visit this site is the interest of Roman emperors. Take gain of emirates promotional code which is offered at coupon.ae and catch remarkable reduction on flying expenses.

A Walk down Knez Mihailova:

It is a famous street and a true example of incredible architecture and night life. It is a combo of modern and traditional architecture. It contains shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes that give sumptuous delicacies to visitors. It makes your experience little remarkable. It also features some libraries and a wonderful spot for filmmakers, photographers, and painters. It is a great place for visitors especially for summer holidays. Many millionaires and billionaires lived in this area which makes it little high-end region for travelers.

Kopaonik, Enjoying and Skiing:

To admire the natural beauty and scenic views of Serbia, it is a must-watch place for every traveler. It holds emerald waters, greenery, and rough terrains which give ultimate skiing opportunities to skiers. It is a great escape from your rat race life and a wonderful treat for your mind and body. Plan your trip right away without breaking your bank because coupon.ae is giving emirates promotional code to travelers that they can use in their favor for getting money off on flights.

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