Epic Adventures in the Sapphire Coastal Region of NSW

The farthest southeastern section of NSW is called Bega Valley Shire, which has 200+km of coastline and the region is also known as Sapphire Coast. Just over 6,000 kms of more than 100 beaches and 20 estuaries is home to a diverse range of wildlife, making this a hot spot for nature lovers and in this article, we highlight the best attractions.

Swimming with Seals

Montague Island is the place where you can literally swim with both Australian and New Zealand fur seals as they live along this shoreline. The stretch of coast from Bermagui to Narooma offers access to Montague Island, where you are taken to the crystal-clear waters and slip in the warm water to join the seal colony; these playful creatures are very inquisitive and will soon be checking you out. Of course, the tours are guided and there will be experienced people in the water, not that seals present any danger.

Observing Whales

If you would like to experience these huge mammals close-up, the best place for whale watching is Narooma, where you can book your seat on one of the whale-watching boats and be prepared to be amazed. This is said to be the best location to observe the Humpback Whale migration, which lasts from May to November, when the whales travel north from the Antarctic along the eastern coast of Australia and after birthing, the females guide their offspring back to the feeding grounds. If you’re very lucky, you will get to see a full breach, where the whale launches its entire body upwards before gravity sends it splashing back into the water.

Oyster Country

You can enjoy the best oysters with cheese in Bermagui in one of the many 5-star restaurants found along this section of the coast. The beaches offer seclusion and whatever water sports you are into, you’ll probably find it on Sapphire Coast.

The Internet hosts a wealth of information about Sapphire Coast and you can book your adventures and accommodation online and get ready for an incredible holiday.

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