Finding The Perfect Family Holiday Resort In Samui For Your Holiday

When you and your family plan a tropical holiday on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand, you will want to ensure that you select a resort that will suit everyone in the family. Whether looking for somewhere to chill and relax on the island or prefer a fun-filled activities resort in Samui, there is something for everyone on this beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand. Below are some considerations that can help you select the best resort or hotel for you and your family and ensure a fantastic family holiday in Samui.

When You Will Visit Koh Samui?

One of the first factors to consider when planning a holiday on Koh Samui is when you will be visiting. There are three seasons in the south of Thailand, and these are as follows:

Thai Summer: The summer in Thailand runs from March to May, with very little rain, and it gets scorching. If visiting during the Thai summer, try and get there for April when the Songkran festival is held, Thai New Year, where you can cool down splashing water on everyone.

The Rainy Season: After the summer comes the rain, and the rainy season in Thailand runs from June to October. It can rain most days but usually for not too long, and it is still warm at this time of the year with high humidity.

The Cooler Season: The cool season in Thailand runs from November to February, when the temperature is significantly cooler, but it is still warm during the day. It is also peak tourist season, so availability and prices often go up at this time of year.

What Does Your Family Want To Do?

When you have decided what time of year you will visit Samui, you will need to consider what things you want to do while there. You can use websites such as TripAdvisor to find suitable activities for your family and plan some of the things you will do, such as:

  • Visit an elephant sanctuary
  • Explore Fisherman’s Village
  • Relax on Chaweng Beach
  • Visit Waterfalls
  • Go Shopping
  • Visit Temples
  • Go Trekking

Compile a list of the things you want to do while you are there, and then look at a centrally located area and look for accommodation there.

Choosing Your Accommodation

You can now look at suitable hotels and resorts and decide where you want to stay with your family. Consider what you want, such as a beachfront hotel, a private villa, a family suite, or something else. Samui has something for everyone, and you can find the perfect resort for you and your family that can help ensure you have a wonderful holiday when visiting this beautiful island.

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