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Overlooked Countries That MayBe Right For Your Next Trip

France, Italy, India, the United States Of America, Australia are some of the names that are common among tourists worldwide. Planning a vacation often comes down to such names, and these places provide a guaranteed unique experience for anyone who visits. But certain places get overlooked by tourists.

Here are a few examples:


Capital: Thimphu

Population: 800,000

Bhutan is a small but beautiful country situated near the mountain ranges of Himalaya that is often overshadowed by its popular neighbour; India. There are a variety of cheap flights to take you there. On the map, Bhutan sits at the shoulder of India and is a beautiful and affordable place for a holiday. Mountain ranges and open spaces make Bhutan a prime spot for a relaxing vacation. A country that relies on its Gross National Happiness index is sure to leave you with a smile when you visit.

2) the Marshall Islands

Capital: Majuro

Population: 60,000

A hotspot for scuba diving and marine life, The Marshall Islands are a good alternative for the usual island trip that one may undertake and are known for their marine life and diving opportunities. An island with a bit of military history to its name, the Marshall Islands provide beautiful landscapes and a plethora of marine-related activities to enjoy. It has its Airport called Marshall Islands International Airport, where you can get direct flights.

3) Madagascar

Capital: Antananarivo

Population: 28,000,000

Madagascar, a country from East Africa and was made prevalent by the DreamWorks animated film from its name, is a beautiful country. An island separate from the mainland, Madagascar has a rich diversity of flora and fauna rarely seen anywhere else in the world. For wildlife enthusiasts, there is hardly a better place. Just like the movie suggests, anyone who visits this country will have a great time.


Capital: Vaduz

Population: 40,000

Sitting right in between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is a country that gets overshadowed by its successful and famous neighbours. Liechtenstein, in itself, is covered in lush greenery and has beautiful castles and old architecture that can provide a European experience on par with its other big-name cousins. You can stay in a hotel with a beautiful view. Ski slopes and castles all over to see and enjoy.

5) Tuvalu

Capital: Funafuti

Population: 12,000

Recently becoming famous on Youtube for being the least visited country in the world, Tuvalu is a tiny island nation situated in between the vast stretch of water between Australia and America. A country that is almost impossible to spot on a map, Tuvalu provides a rare experience that is almost unmatched.  Also, it is a country that will soon become nonexistent due to the rising sea levels. So it is a place to be cherished before it’s gone forever.

These lesser-known spots can offer brilliant holidays with lesser crowds and fanfare, allowing you to enjoy your trip the way you want and explore what very few have. Giving such places a chance can prove to be a masterstroke, and you will make memories you can share for a lifetime.

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