Ten Great Tips for Finding a Rental Home in Bangkok

Looking for a rental property in a major city is sometimes a frustrating and annoying process, but with some tried and tested steps, you can master the process and find a great property. This short article will give you some helpful tips; regardless of whether you are looking for an apartment in Sathorn or an Ekkamai condo for rent, Bangkok has a wealth of choices when it comes to rental homes.

1, Plan where you prefer to live – adopt a suitable strategy with a realistic goal in mind; there is no point chasing a rental home in areas of the city that you cannot afford.

2, Always check your tenancy agreement – finding out what is included with your rental is extremely important, as what utility bills, security bonds and other costs you may have to pay.

3, Check the utilities – ask about the water, electricity supply, gas if used and the internet connection; if any are in poor repair, walk away.

4, Use a reputable rental agency – choosing reputable agents will often open the door to better properties on the rental market.

5, Ask about the neighbours – this might sound stupid, but noisy and disruptive neighbours can ruin even the best rental homes.

6, Do your Research – Understand the area where you are looking to rent, and consider nearby facilities, traffic, ambience, and the possibility of any future development affecting your stay there.

6, Always conduct a thorough visit– this is especially important; look for any flaws or damage that might affect the time you spend living there or dismiss it from your shortlist of possibilities.

7, Fully understand all the costs – Always take into account any additional fees you will need to pay on top of the monthly rental price, taxes, and building fees will all need paying.

8, What happens in an Emergency? – all check the landlord or letting agent has a support system in place in case something critical breaks and immediate repair is needed.

9, Ask if you can decorate – if planning to rent long term, you might want to make the home more to your liking; some property owners are happy for the renter to do this as it keeps the property looking good.

10, Make sure you are covered – always check that the landlord has liability insurance to protect your deposit from accidental damage.

By following these easy steps during your rental search, you will have a great chance to secure a temporary home where you are very happy.

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