The Best Places To Paddleboard In Sydney

Paddleboarding has become immensely popular across Australia and Sydney is quickly being considered the most important place to visit. There are, of course, a number of brilliant cities across the country that are worthwhile visiting. However, if you ask most experienced paddleboarders about the waterways they enjoy most, they are very likely to pick Sydney. To show you why, we’re sharing some of the best examples of beaches and lakes that can be found within Sydney.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach is famous across the world and remains one of the most important beaches within surfing culture. While its fame has certainly increased the attention it receives, making it quite a busy destination during the summer months, it has nonetheless become a key location for those wanting to paddleboard.

If you are able to find a quiet space to drop onto the water, or visit out-of-season, then you will find yourself able to explore one of the country’s most picturesque beaches.

Bellamy Beach


If, however, you are looking for a secluded sanctuary, one that allows paddleboarders to explore clear waters without distraction, then Rose Bay’s Bellamy Beach is the place for you. Despite its solitude, there are a number of facilities around, including restaurants and paddleboarding clubs, as well as an abundance of wildlife too.

Woronora River

Spanning the valleys of Sydney, Woronora River is a haven for those wanting to traverse at a leisurely pace with plenty of options for brief and beautiful respites. The river offers access to Rose Bay beach and also has a generally relaxed pace, which is perfect for beginners. If you are spending the day on the water, just be sure to prepare for rainfall and changes in climate.

Watsons Bay

One of the best parts of paddleboarding are the amazing vistas that can be seen only from the water. In Sydney, some of the city’s best views are those that enable individuals to see the entire skyline, especially against a dramatic sunset.

For paddleboarders, this means heading to Watsons Bay. This quiet cove is a splendid location for a relaxed family day out, offering a number of secluded beaches and peaceful shores to explore.

Nepean River

This stunning river can also be found in Sydney and has a sizable portion that is suitable for paddleboarders of all abilities, accessible between Penrith and the Nepean Gorge. The waters here are slow-movingand travel between idyllic landscapes, making for an excellent day out. And, for those wanting to experience a whole day or weekend of adventure, there are also a number of walking trails connecting the river to fantastic locations, such as the Emu Plains.

Frenchmans Bay

This beach has little activity in the way of waves, meaning that only swimmers and paddleboarders tend to see its merit. And, being found beside the expanse of Sydney’s golf courses, Frenchmans Bay is generally considered to be one of the quieter beaches in the city. So, for those looking to find their feet on the water or to test out new equipment, this small and pristine beach is a superb place to start.

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