Tourists activities near Ouray Hotels

Hotels in Ouray date back from the 18th century. With an increase in growth and popularity of Ouray, there has been an influx of hotels that have been built, to cater to the needs of the tourists who visit the area. This has promoted the growth and development of Ouray and an increase in amenities. There are several things to see and do near Ouray hotels. They include:

  • Alchemist Museum

It is the largest museum in Colorado. Graced with knowledge of how pharmacists would prepare medication over 100 plus years ago, the collection you will find here is very special. Interesting insights and anecdotes, and a history lesson on how drugs were developed over time are worth checking out. Near 15 hotels, it is a super fun tour through the pharmacy history where you find a pleasant gentleman who gives you an elaborate history of drugs.

  • Wright Opera House

Constructed in the 18th century to be the center of arts and culture for all of Ouray’s county. The Wright is now fulfilling its mission where it can be rented out for any gathering, conferencing, or celebration occasions. Visitors today enjoy theatre and movie presentations, and live music performances. The establishment features cultural and educational programs and is close to ten budget-friendly hotels.

  • Imogene Pass

Have your adrenaline levels up as you drive along the Imogene pass. The trip shouldn’t be taken lightly as there are some steep parts. The road is narrow in some places, and rocky, and passing can be dangerous. The drive is the most thrilling in Colorado. The trail is used for scenic driving and dogs can also use it. Experienced drivers only should take the drive, as it is easy to veer off the road, and this could be fatal.


It is advisable to book a hotel that is near what you would like to see or do. This will be convenient for you as Ouray Hotel near a variety of tourist attraction sites. Plan a visit to the Cascade Falls, Ouray Ice Park, Box Canyon Falls Park, and the Uncompahgre Gorge which have hotels that are nearby. Visit the Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Perimeter Trail, and the Ouray County Museum for some fun adventure and spend a night or two at the nearby hotels. There is no better visit than the one you know that everywhere you would want to visit can be accessed, a stone throw away, from the hotel you booked.

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