Travel Budget List 2021 – Top International Countries within 6 hours from India

Most countries have now relaxed lockdown measures and are accepting travellers from across the world. Here is a list of countries you can fly to within 6 hours from India.

There is something about medium-haul flights – it’s not too long but not too short either. While a short-haul flight is too short to enjoy your flying experience, a long-haul flight can be quite tiresome for many. A flight ranging between 3-6 hours is perfect for enjoying in-flight experience as you land in your destination. Travellers planning their vacation often look at destinations that are around 3-6 hours from India. Let’s look at four such destinations that you should definitely consider for your vacation in 2021.

  • Seychelles

An island in the Indian Ocean, this beautiful African nation is known for its white-sand beaches, turquoise sea, and quaint hills. All you need is a valid passport, your proof of accommodation and proof of adequate funds to enter the city. For up to 30 days, Indian passport holders can get a visa on arrival once they land here. A non-stop flight from India to Seychelles could be 4-5 hours depending on where you board your flight from in India. While there aren’t many non-stop flights, some cities such as Bangalore or Ahmedabad have direct flights to this beautiful destination.

  • Hong Kong

From Buddhist temples and monasteries to skyscrapers and picturesque beaches, Honk Kong has it all. One of the world’s top financial centres, Hong Kong is also a hotspot for Indian travellers looking to unwind and experience a totally new culture. The top tourist spots here are The Clock Tower, Disneyland, and Victoria Peak, but there is a lot more to discover. Indian passport holders don’t need a visa to enter the country. However, they would need to do a Pre-Arrival Registration or PAR on the official website of Hong Kong. This PAR is valid for up to 6 months allowing the traveller to stay for up to 14 days in Hong Kong.

You can easily catch a direct flight from Hong Kong from Delhi or Mumbai and the flight duration could range between 5-6 hours.

  • Malaysia

A perfect place to enjoy your short vacation, Malaysia is known for its pleasant climate, stunning white-sand beaches, and incredible tourist attractions. Whether you are travelling with family or co-workers, you will never find a dull moment here. Starting from the 2nd tallest building in the world (once the tallest) to the colourful and vibrant markets of Kuala Lumpur or the tasty food, there is something for everyone here.

A flight from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai to Kuala Lumpur would take about 4-6 hours. However, do note you’ll need a valid visa before you board the flight.

  • Singapore

A sunny little island in the heart of Asia, Singapore is an ideal destination if you wish to have more than one experience in one vacation. From spending the day at Sentosa Island to going for a night safari or spending a relaxed evening at Marina Bay, there is lots to do here. Not just for young couples, this place is great for a family vacation too.

Indian passport holders would need to apply for a Visa, which allows them to stay in the country for up to 30 days. The visa is valid for up to 2 years and is quite easy to obtain.

Once you have a visa, a non-stop Delhi to Singapore flight will take about 6 hours or less. You can also catch non-stop flights from other cities such as Mumbai or Chennai.

Follow Travel Advisory

Plan your next trip to any of these five international destinations that are under 6-hours away from India via flights. Make sure you pack-in all your essentials, protection gears like masks, sanitisers, to have a safe and memorable trip. Most importantly, make sure you read the travel restrictions along with travel advisory by the Indian embassies in these countries before you plan your trip.

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