We are Netent Casino Fans!

We need to make clear that we are a fan casinos online site. We therefore make no claim to having any kind of official status. We are not part of netent, nor are we supported by them or linked to them financially, commercially or in any other way. Hopefully that clear and simple statement will keep my learned friends at bay and save us from some unwanted commercial lawyers bills!

But the thing is, being an unofficial site does have some advantages. It means we can tell you what we think without having to act as if we are part of the company’s promotional pr team. We can be honest and upfront. So if netent ever release a dud (incredibly unlikely, i know), we’ll keep you informed. But first and foremost, we are fans. Because let’s face it, any regular gamer must surely be a fan of net entertainment. They are responsible for the design of what are truly the best, most exciting and innovative games around.

But the point is, you won’t just be getting a reheated rehash of netent’s official marketing blurb on this site. Being unofficial means that you won’t be bombarded with any of the management gobbledygook or meaningless marketing speak you’d get if you visited the official site. There will be no jargon about cutting edge platforms or flexible digital solutions to bamboozle you with boredom just the bits us players are interested in. We’ll tell you all the news and exciting bits, without any of the forgettable film glam.

So here on this site, our mission is to guide you through everything that’s happening in the world of net entertainment. We’ll show you all the new sites launched this month including comprehensive information about each one, letting you know which are the best casinos. We’ll pay them all a visit and try them out. Then we’ll let you know what we think. Many sites allow you to try out the games for free in a demo play or free play mode, so we’ll be sure to point these out too. These sites provide an excellent opportunity to experiment with something new: you can see if you like an unfamiliar game and even hone your skills before risking any of your own valuable cash.

Without doubt, the clearest demonstration of the company’s software designing talents must be its peerless range of online slots, where netent are without doubt the market leaders. Their brilliant games are cooler than the cat’s whiskers; even better than the bee’s knees; dandier than the dogs ok, you probably get the picture. We love ’em!

High quality games

In fact, there are so many great games in their roster, it is difficult to pick which ones to highlight. Without doubt, their games are among the most popular and most played games around. They span just about every popular online slot genre too. At the more basic, colorful end of the spectrum, you get to choose from titles like glow, lights, stickers or starburst. Starburst is perhaps the most played game of all: its beautiful and mesmeric graphics feature sparkling gemstones, plus a few old reel characters from old school fruit machines: the number 7 and bar. It’s a superb re-imagining of the traditional amusement arcade one armed bandit. The symbols are clustered on the reels to add to the sumptuous look of the game while expanding starburst wilds add to the excitement.

Movie conversions are a specialty too. Aliens are an early classic of this genre, but several more have followed, like scar-face, creature from the black lagoon, or my favorite: Dracula. Featuring a truly creepy count and swooping colonies of bats, this game is a dark and atmospheric thrill.

For a more humorous and playful experience, jack and the beanstalk, hook heroes and robin hood are colorful delights, with stunning graphics and game play.

Music fans, especially rockers, may well love the company official band releases: guns ‘n’ roses, motor-head all feature in superb homage to their genius, featuring a choice of original music to accompany your spins.

It’s not just netent’s slots

Netent are responsible for the design of hundreds of different games, but it’s not just all about the slots either. They provide a massive range of other best payout online casino and traditional table games like baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette, all in several different formats. There is even some live gaming options too, broadcast from their own live studio complex. The comprehensive range of gaming options is rounded off by a small but perfectly formed selection of scratch cards.

Games can be played on any device, so whether you are playing on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, you’re sure to find an excellent game to play. These days, you won’t be needing any of those dodgy downloads either. Today’s games are designed using the very latest software, so you can just load them via your usual web browser and get started immediately.

They are working on more great games all the time. In fact, the company aims to release at least one new title every month, so there is always sure to be something original and exciting to discover here on this site. So to keep up to date with the latest news and happenings, plus all the most recent and upcoming games releases, you know where to come.

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